10 Surefire Ways to Add Hours to Your Days

Running for timeAre you continuously running around trying to get things done and never feel like you can catch up? Here are some time management tips to help you add hours to your days.

1. Driving to work

If you plan your commute by leaving a little before or after rush hour, you’ll save tones of time and avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic.

2. Emails

Check out OtherInBox. It automatically organizes your emails (for Gmail, Yahoo mail and AOL account users). It will move them into folders so that you can read them when you have time without having them clutter up your Inbox. Each morning you’ll receive a daily digest email that summarizes the messages that came the previous day.

You can also manage your inbox and messages in Outlook by using rules.

3. Phone calls

Make your voice mail your best friend! Phone calls can be very distracting and time consuming. Schedule specific times during the day when you can return phone calls. You still have to make sure to get back to people in a timely manner but you’ll be able to control your own schedule instead of people controlling you!

4. Limit your TV watching and internet surfing

According to a report from eMarketer.com, in 2010 the average adult spent about four and a half hours per day watching television—or 30 hours per week and an average of two and a half hours per day spent online—or about 18 hours per week. That’s a combined average of 2496 hours per year that you could be doing something productive!

5. Shopping

Grocery IQ helps you build grocery and shopping lists. You simply build it once by entering all the details and the next time that you have to go shopping you can pick from your list. You can share the lists by email or share an account with multiple users which automatically synchronize when you update or change it. It will even allow you to enter which aisle the item is located so that you don’t have to waste time searching.

6. Reading Blogs

Use Google Reader to save all your favourite blogs in one place. Every time the blog has an update, you will receive it in your reader. It makes it easy to scan over the articles and read only what interests you without having to search all over the internet. Just look out for the RSS button on your favourite blog and click to add it to your reader.

7. Meetings

Use Skype to conduct your meetings and avoid having to drive to a specific location.

8. Build a system

A business system is a preferred and most efficient way of doing a particular task or function in your business. These systems are usually developed over time through trial and error, and come to characterize the way you do business.

I would suggest starting by writing down everything you do over a regular week which would include your goals and tasks that you need to achieve. Establish a step-by-step method to achieve them. This will help you stay on track, make you more efficient, and help you see where you can improve. By creating written procedures, it will be much easier to delegate some of your tasks in the future.

9. Automate

There are so many aspects of our live that we can now automate thanks to technology. You can automate bill payments, files backup, invoicing, Email marketing (set up auto-responders which are pre-written e-mails that are automatically sent on your behalf), social media marketing (using tools like Hootsuite), etc. Embrace technology to help you work smarter and faster!

10. Delegate

After you have defined your systems and processes, try to figure out what you could delegate. Look at tasks that might be repetitive or out of your expertise. Spending too much time doing everything yourself is not only inefficient but can cost you a lot of money.

By delegating some of your work,  it’s going to save you time  and you will also be able to concentrate on more productive and lucrative work.

What would you do if you had extra time in your day?


Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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