15 Great Ways to Get in Your Clients Face!

Dog in your faceThe best way to stay fresh in your client’s minds is to keep regular contact with them.  Sending postcards and promotional material about your business doesn’t work anymore and at my house…it usually ends up in the trash. So why not instead provide value to your clients and prospects. Not only are they going to be thankful but they will remember you because it’s unexpected. This will require that you actually know a little about your clients and prospects. The best way is to have a client relationship management (CRM) system where you can enter notes and any information about your clients. The more information, the better!  Here are some ideas you can use to “wow” your clients:

  1. Send how-to and tips to help them with something
  2. Send a magazine subscription
  3. Send birthday cards, holiday cards, congratulations cards, etc.
  4. Send your favourite recipe
  5. Send a newsletter with company news or changes such as new products or services or a new team member
  6. Send them an interesting newspaper article
  7. Send them golf balls, gardening gloves, anything around their hobbies
  8. If they have pets-send dog treats or cat toys
  9. Send good coffee
  10. Send movie Tickets
  11. Call them to catch up and update your database of information about them
  12. Send them a bottle of wine (if appropriate of course)
  13. Send a free offer to try your product or services
  14. Send them a book or eBook that might be of interest
  15. Just say thank you!

Remember to do this on a regular basis so that your clients don’t forget about you. Segregating your clients using an A-B-C system is the right way to approach this strategy. You can classify your clients in order of current and potential business.  Example, an A client would be your best clients or someone with a great sphere of influence. Focusing your time on a highly targeted market will always payoff if you do it right! Not only are they going to remember you when they need your services but they will refer you to their friends and partners.

What do you do to remind your clients and prospects that you exist?

Genevieve Lachance is a web marketing consultant who has a passion for social media and technology based in Montreal, Canada. Read More About Me »