2 Social Media Tools You Should Try Right Now

Social Media ToolsUPDATE: Unfortunately Timely has announced that it is shutting down. I encourage you to check out Buffer.

If you’re running a business, I’m pretty sure that you don’t have much spare time and any tools that will help you be more efficient should be valuable to you and your business.

So, here are 2 social media tools you should check out: Buffer and Timely. One of the reason I love these tools is that not only do they save me time, but they’re also really simple to use.

Remember: Scheduling posts is not a replacement for your presence on social networks. It’s really important to make sure that you’re online and respond, engage, discuss and thank people for engaging or sharing your content.

Also: Keep in mind that using third party tools to post to your Facebook Page should be kept to a minimum as it “may” affect your Edgerank score. Facebook has been rumored to penalize posts from third party applications in the past.


Buffer lets you schedule your Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn post using predetermined time slots you have set ahead of time.


  • You can put posts in your Buffer directly from inside Google Reader (I love this).
  • The free version allows you to schedule 10 posts at the time.
  • The browser extension (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) makes it really simple to share the content you find on the web just by clicking the Buffer icon in your browser window.
  • Use your Bit.ly details to keep a track of your links and clicks.
  • The analytics features let you see how many people clicked on your posts and who retweeted them. You can even thank them for sharing from within Buffer.
  • There are 3 different plans: Free, Pro and Premium. The Pro and Premium versions allow you to add more social accounts, work in teams and offer advanced scheduling in addition to other features.


Timely analyzes your past 199 Tweets or Facebook posts and figures out the best time slots.


  • Queue posts and let Timely figure out the next best time for that post to go out (you can’t specify specific times or days to post in Timely).
  • Timely lets you schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook Pages and Facebook personal profiles.
  • You can pick between 1, 3, 5 and 9 posts per day.
  • You can chose to also posts on weekends or keep the weekends off.
  • Just drag the Timely button to your bookmark bar for easy sharing.
  • Connect your Bit.ly details to keep a track of your links and clicks.
  • You can invite people via email to collaborate on Timely on a particular Twitter or Facebook account.
  • See how many clicks and retweets your Posts generated using the Performance tab.
  • Timely is totally Free for everyone.

Your turn! What tools do you use to manage your time effectively on social media sites?


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