2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report: Key Findings [infographic]

Social Media Examiner recently came out with their fourth annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. This report provides fascinating insights into what marketers are doing, what they’re struggling with and which direction they’re going in the future.

It’s pretty interesting to look at the trends and can be beneficial in helping you determine where to focus your social media marketing efforts or compare yourself against other marketers.

Some key findings in the report:

  • The number-one benefit of social media marketing is generating more business exposure
  • More experience with Social Media means more time spent on social media marketing.
  • Social media outsourcing is underutilized
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and YouTube were the top 5 social media tools used by marketers, in that order.
  • The number one question marketers most want answered: How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my business?
  • A significant 65% of small business owners were more likely than others to generate leads, compared to the 58% average for all marketers.
  • YouTube/video is the top area where marketers plan on increasing their social media efforts.
  • 68% of participants indicated that they’re planning on increase their blogging activities.
  • Marketers are more likely to decrease their use of direct mail than any other marketing channel (17% planning to decrease). 34% had no plans on using direct mail.

The report is free and available for download until April 19. Visit SocialExaminer.com


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