Cool Tool Review: Jing

Jing screen capture toolThere are so many different tools out there, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out which one to use.  Jing is one that I use all the time with my clients since I’ve discovered it.  Jing will allow you to capture screen images or five minutes videos of what you see on your computer monitor and share it easily when you need to use visuals to make a point. By the way, this is all FREE!  You’ll first have to download it onto your computer (it works both on Macs and PCs); you’ll then be able to see the little Jing sun on top of your desktop.  You can move the Jing sun to wherever you want on your desktop and you can also add buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr to share your work on different networks. It will allow you to save your videos and screen captures on your computer, copy to your clipboard or save in on to to get a hyperlink to share via email, IM, Twitter, etc. Here are some ideas on what you can do with Jing:

  • Add caption to your pictures
  • Collaborate on a project
  • Put some personality to your presentations
  • Add a quick video or screen capture to your blog
  • Work remotely by providing training to your clients without having to do the training multiple times which is accessible 24/7 when needed and keep as future reference
  • Video tutorials
  • Explain concepts

There is also a Pro version which is only $14.95 per year. Here’s a screen capture using Jing showing the differences between the free and Pro version.

Jing compare free and pro versions

If you’re going to do presentation videos, I think it’s really worth paying the $14.95 per year. You can be the star of your own videos and include recordings from your webcam to add some of your personality to your presentations.

This is a tool to add to your favourites! What else could you do with Jing?

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