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Cool Tool reviewWho doesn’t like a great “free” tool! Here’s a really cool application called from the same people who created LogMeIn. You can use this tool to share your screen with others and collaborate on projects, training or demos. I’ve tested it with a client that is not so “tech savvy” and it was a breeze to use. All I needed to do was download the application on my computer and send the invitation by email with a special code to the person I wanted to share my screen with. She simply clicked on the link and that was it, we were connected! She was able to see everything on my screen and even share the control of my mouse, no need for her to download anything. For anyone working with clients remotely as I do, this is very useful. There’s no sound but you can always use the chat to communicate if you don’t have access to your client over the phone.


  • easy screen sharing
  • up to 250 people can join
  • allows other participants to take control of your screen
  • you can use the chat feature with one person, or all participants
  • you can send files
  • If you are a Mac user you can also share your screen or view another’s screen

If you’re worried about security, according to their site it has 256-bit SSL encryption — the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions.

There is also a Pro version for $29/month which will allow you to use a personalized link, schedule your meetings, and the ability to add colleagues to your account.

When I had questions about their product, I contacted through Twitter and had the great pleasure of getting a private demo with Maggie who gave me fantastic service! Thanks Maggie! If you want to check it out for yourself you can visit their site at or on twitter

I’m adding this one to my list of tools to use. Do you use any other cool applications??

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Hey, in addition to above, another very good powerful option is RHUB. It provides both web conferencing and remote support servers in one box for all your online meeting needs.

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  • Great tool! I have used it to help clients with their computer problems including instruction and training.

  • This looks like a fantastic tool for training purposes. I’ll have to try it out with some of my clients who need hands on/visual education.

    I’m currently looking for a “gotomypc” style product that will allow me to log in to my client’s computers in order to work on some of their “local” projects (for example, on a snow day when I work from home because the roads are bad). Any thoughts?

    • Genevieve

      Hi Mari,

      If you want to actually login and work on your clients computers you can check out LogMeIn. You have to install LogMeIn on the computer you want to access and then you gain control of it. They’re the same people that created Join.Me. It really depends what kind of work you have to do but you could always consider file sharing with DropBox if you don’t need to log in to your client’s computer but don’t want to pass back in forth documents.
      Hope this helps!

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