Cool Tool Review: Paperless Post

Paperless Post for your businessBusinesses are always looking for ways to create an impact on customers and stand apart from competitors. I’ve already written in a previous post about some ideas to wow your clients.  Paperless Post is an online paper stationery site to send personalized cards, invitations and announcements which will help you leave a lasting impression.

Paperless Post was founded in 2008 by Alexa Hirschfeld and her brother James who believed that aesthetics and efficiency can go hand in hand. Paperless Post is not supported by advertisers so your cards and invitations will remain personal and free of pop-ups and ads.

How it works:

After choosing your card from a variety of beautiful models and styles, you get to customize it the way you want with different fonts, colors, images, etc. and write a personal message then just click and send to anyone with an email address. The recipients will get an envelope in their inbox which will have your card pop out when clicked on. After sending the card, you can monitor to see if the envelop was opened or not and they can even reply to invitations directly to your account.

Although Paperless Post is not really designed as a business tool, you can adapt it and design your cards to accommodate most of your business needs (it does offer corporate holidays cards). They will also incorporate your logo into your account at a cost of 3 “Coins” per recipient.


You will get your first 25 “Stamps” and 10 “Coins” free at sign up (pricing one Stamp for one mailing for a regular card). Get additional free Stamps by inviting friends or clicking on Facebook Like. The more Stamps you get, the less it will cost you. As an example, 30 stamps will cost you $5.00 and 75 Stamps will cost $8.

Get 25 Coins for $5 to get customized options such as envelop liners, photo upload or to customize the second side of your card (at a cost of one Coin per option).

Here are some ideas on how you could use Paperless Post for your business:

  • Real estate agents can send change of address cards on the behalf of their clients
  • Send event announcements (new website, new partnerships, new product or service, etc.)
  • Invitations to business events (seminars, online events, etc.)
  • Thank you notes for doing business
  • Thank you for a great meeting
  • Congratulations to your clients for their  new venture, project or product
  • Holiday cards and birthday cards

I would use this for a more targeted list of clients and prospects and wouldn’t suggest it for mass email campaign. You’ll find that Paperless Post offers a selection of very classic and elegant models which should please most of your highly valued contacts. Additionally, it’s completely green so you can feel good about saving some trees.

How do you leave a lasting impression on your clients and prospects?


  • Stephanie

    Has anyone experienced difficulties with managing the contacts? ie: invite going to spam, contacts not receiving it, duplicate invites going to the same contact.

    Our company is always looking for a better way to manage our invites. We’ve tried EVITE, CONSTANT CONTACT, and PINGG. And we have had the same issue with all of them.

    Is this any better?

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  • Jinny

    For the second time in our wedding planning communications (yes wedding invitations included!), paperlesspost sent out the wrong invitations/information for our wedding and rehearsal dinner. For a company that claims to have a core competency sending beautiful invitations electronically, they have failed me miserably. We were so excited to send out our wedding communications in an environmentally friendly and unique way but it’s been embarrassing and semi-disasterous. NO THANK YOU to paperlesspost.

    • gwaters

      Sorry Jinny to hear that you had problems with Paperless Post on such an important event. I hope you were able to get in touch with their customer service and got some kind of explanation or help! I guess every business has technical issues at some point but it’s always troublesome when it happens to us! I hope you have a fantastic wedding, despite all your troubles with the invitations.~Genevieve

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