Cool Tool Review: Prezi

PreziPowerpoint, is usually the most known tool used for presentations and is mainly used in the form of slides.  If you do presentations and want to do things differently, Prezi is a tool that will help you create original presentations that will keep your audience’s attention by zooming out to see the big picture and zooming in to see details using a non-linear approach.

You can use text, images and videos to create a visual story of your presentation. This is not the right tool if you have a lot of written facts and figures so try to keep it short and visually interesting. You should also be careful not to make people dizzy by over doing the zooming in and out.

Prezi is fun and very easy to use but I strongly suggest watching the demo videos and some examples to see what you can do and get inspired. It takes some planning to figure out the relationship between items and the flow of your presentation. Keep it short and centered around one concept so that you don’t confuse your audience.

Doing an actual presentation using Prezi might require some practice at first. It is easy to get lost in the middle of a presentation if you’re going out of synch from your original presentation.

Some useful information:

  • You can work with up to 10 people together in real time on the same prezi.
  • Invite others to collaborate and allow them to add their ideas.
  • You can publish your work online. This way it will be visible on to anyone, people can add comments and also Google will index it.
  • You can embed your prezis on your blog or website.
  • You can insert sound in prezis in FLV flash video or SWF flash format (although the presentations I have watched with sound did not come out very nice using this method).
  • You can use it to present where you don’t have access to the internet (this is a non-editable version) by downloading your work.
  • It has an iPad app which is great for those who like to give one on one presentations such as real estate agents.

Another way to add audio, I would suggest to use a screen capture tool like Jing and record your screen and add your audio presentation to it. This will also allow you to easily upload your presentation as a video and add it to your blog or website. Of course this is not going to give you all the same functionality as a live presentation but it has its purpose.


Free version/ Enjoy version ($59/year)/ Pro version ($159/year)

With the paid versions, you have additional storage space, you can make your presentations private, use your own logo and also with the Pro version you can edit your presentation offline.

You can see an example of what Prezi does below. This was my first go at it and my goal was to create a presentation of some of my services. This is work in progress but it will give you a general idea and feel for the tool. After clicking on the play arrow, you can click on the bottom right corner for auto play.

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