Do Small Business Owners Need a Wake-up Call [infographic]

Small business on the web

Now, of course we all realize that statistical data can vary greatly depending on the sample size, methodology of the research, the geographical location and many other factors which may influence the outcome. Nonetheless, looking at different statistics from various sources will provide an idea of the trends on a particular subject.

According to my research which I provide in the infographic below, we’re seeing a huge trend that clearly demonstrates how consumers are being influenced by the web in addition to the growing popularity of mobile devices and smartphones.

Small business owners have amazing opportunities to market and grow their business online but according to the numbers, this is simply not the case!

According to

  • 44 percent of small businesses don’t even have a website
  • Only 27 percent of small businesses use Facebook.
  • 65 percent of small businesses say that mobile marketing is not valuable to them.

This should be a wake-up call to all small business owners and hopefully they will take advantage of these findings to take action and get in the game!


Why do you think small businesses are not taking advantage of the web and technology as much as they should?

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