Do You Need Help with Your Real Estate Business?

Real Estate HelpI am pleased to announce new and specialised services for Real Estate Professionals.  VA Simple Services now has additional services for the overwhelmed and successful Real Estate Professional.

After discussing with many people including my current clients in the real estate industry, it has come to my attention that many are in desperate need of support so that they can focus better on the growth of their business.  Real estate professionals are solopreneurs who usually have an array of different projects and tasks that often leave them drained and overwhelmed. In fact, getting new leads takes up most of a real estate agents time.

According to the 2010 REALTOR® Technology Survey report, 49% of Real Estate professionals work between 41-60 hours per week.

Real estate agents have to do a lot of marketing and prospecting in order to get new business and generate revenue on a continual basis. However, with all the different marketing strategies out there such as newspaper advertising, mailings, emails, newsletters, websites, blogs,  networking, etc. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the enormous amount of work it takes to get anything accomplished.

As well, technology is continuously evolving with new innovations coming out almost daily. Technology has become an essential part of a Real Estate professional’s life and the pressure to stay on top of the latest tools is huge in order to stay competitive. But the time and knowledge is often lacking for them.

If you want to learn more about these services or know of someone who could use these services, please take a look at my Real Estate Services page or get in touch with me.


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