Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website With a Blog

Bring traffic to your siteIf you have a static business website, you should seriously try to take it a step further and consider adding a blog to it. Blogs are a great way to share a company’s expertise, build web traffic, and connect with current clients and prospects.

Benefits of blogging for your business:

  • Blogging is a cost-effective approach to get your company’s name out on the Internet and provides an additional way to build your brand.
  • Blogs give your small business an opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge with a bigger audience.
  • Your business blog also provides a way to entice your blog visitor’s to take a look at your services/products pages and other pages on your website.
  • Each time you add a new blog article, you create a new page to your site which will add value to your Search Engines Optimization strategy (SEO).
  • Eventually, your business blog can be known as a go-to resource that provides helpful information for your audience and help them learn about new tools and resources to solve their business issues and help individual businesses thrive.

Blogging tips:

  • Try to keep the frequency and schedule of your articles consistent.
  • Think about whom your target market is and what they are interested in learning from you. Provide relevant and valuable information. Try to answer the most common questions and issues your clients and prospects have.
  • Make it easy for your readers to subscribe and share your articles. Make sure that you have RSS feed, email options and social sharing buttons.
  • Make it easy to read by breaking down your articles in small paragraphs and use bullet points. Don’t forget that online reader usually have a very short attention span so keeping your articles under 500 words is probably a good idea.
  • Write your own content. It might be tempting to borrow other people’s work but even if you cite your sources, you may be infringing copyright laws. It’s ok to quote a sentence or a short paragraph but without the author’s permission, you should stay away from borrowing entire articles.
  • Consider other formats such as video blogging (Vlogging), interviews and guest bloggers to bring variety to your blog.

By providing valuable blog content on regular basis, you’ll increase chances to have your business website on top of internet search results. Google and other search engines visit websites regularly and look for new content to index so by adding fresh new content to your blog, you will improve online visibility for your business.

Do you have a blog for your business website?

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