Engage Customers Online: Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Guy KawasakiGuy Kawasaki author of Enchantment: Art of Getting People to Do What You Want (Amazon affiliated link) is dicussing  three of the most important tips to help you engage your customers online.

1. Engage Fast

You should always try to respond to emails, blog comments or comments on other social media platforms within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Engage Often

Social Media is no longer what you do when everything else is done! Social Media should be core to marketing existence.

3. Engage many people

If you plant many seeds, you get many points of contact. Engage with everybody!

Creating real and deep connections with your customers are skills that will help you stand out. Using social media platforms and online strategies will allow you to reach your audience to a different level which traditional marketing was never able to achieve before. Make sure you use it to your advantage!

How are you engaging with your customers and prospects?

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