Evernote is Digital Storage For Your Life

I’m very excited to announce my partnership with Carley Knobloch from Digitwirl. I first heard Carley speak last June when she was talking about WordPress during MomBizCoach Women Teleseminar Series with  Lara Galloway. It was evident that Carley was very passionate about technology and helping others understand how to use it.

A few months ago, I discovered her new web show at Digitwirl.com and knew that she had created something really special which would appeal to a lot of people. So when I had the opportunity to become a partner with Digitwirl and share her useful and fun videos on my own blog, I jumped at the chance!

During her 3 minutes videos, Carley will show you which tool and technology can actually help you manage your complex life and hopefully will save you time, money, and a few gray hairs! I will be sharing a new how-to video with you once a week, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

In this weeks’ video Carley talks about Evernote. If you’re busy trying to run your business and manage your everyday life, you’ll love this tool which should help you keep things under control and organized.

Evernote Digitwirl

Look around your house. Are you seeing stacks of papers that you keep meaning to go through? Boxes and files bulging with stuff you put there for safe-keeping, but couldn’t find what you need if your life depended on it. Don’t worry, we won’t judge, it’s the exact overload we were facing that made us think there has to be a better way.  Wouldn’t be amazing if you could store information you needed to remember in one place and more importantly, find it instantly, anytime, from anywhere.

Good news! It exists, and it is a total game-changer.  Evernote is a website, a free app, and an extension that builds functionality into tons of programs you already use. If you can email it, scan it, type it, snap it, record it, or find it on the internet you can keep track of it all with Evernote.  You won’t believe how simple it is to use, watch the video then forget about forgetting important information ever again.



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