Facebook EdgeRank: What you Need to Know [infographic]

If you haven’t heard, not all of your Business Page posts appear in your fans newsfeed. In fact, according to Facebook the average Page post is only reaching 16% of the page’s fans. Since most fans never go back to a Facebook Page after they’ve initially liked it, it is really important to make sure to understand how Facebook works and increase the chances of your posts to show up in your fans’ news feed.

The average Facebook user has around 130 friends and is connected to approximately 80 community pages, groups and events. Most users would be overwhelmed to see all of the activity generated by these connections.

To avoid this, Facebook use an algorithm formula called EdgeRank to decide what users will see in their newsfeed. This formula is based on 3 elements: Affinity, Weight and Time Decay.

[Note: There’s an unfortunate typo in my infographic, it should say Time “Decay”. I apologize for that and thank you for those who brought it to my attention.]

One important thing you need to know about affinity is that affinity is one-way. This means that even if you’re visiting your friends profile and commenting or liking their content, it doesn’t increase the chances of your Page posts to appear in your friends’ newsfeed.

It’s also worth mentioning that each person’s Edge Weight is different. As an example, someone who clicks and looks at pictures is more likely to have them show up in their newsfeed than someone who isn’t as keen on them. 

What type of post gets more interactions on your Page?

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