Facebook Timeline Covers: Just Asking!

UPDATE: Seems like Quipol is not longer with us. RIP Quipol!

Last week, I discovered this great tool called Quipol which allows you to ask simple one question polls to find out your audience’s opinion on practically any topic.

This gave me the idea to start weekly polls which is called “Just Asking“. I will use this to find out more about you and your opinion on different subjects. Hopefully we can all learn from eachother!

With the recent integration of the new Facebook Timeline covers, there’s a lot of potential to get creative and show your personality.  Although it is unclear if marketing messages are allowed on personal profiles (see Mari Smith’s post), it might be a good piece of real estate to create more visibility for your business. Recently, I’ve seen a slew of new businesses going up selling and designing custom Facebook Covers.

My first question is–> “Would you pay for a custom and personalized Facebook cover?”

I would love to hear what you think about the Facebook Timeline Covers.  Please leave your comments below!
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