Get More Facebook Likes by Linking Your Personal Profile

If you have a Facebook business Page, it might be good idea to link your Page to your Personal profile so that people can find your Business Page and help increase your Likes.

If you don’t link your Page, your place of work will usually be linked to an empty community page like the one you see on the right.

Here’s how you link your Facebook Page to your Profile.

  • Go to your personal profile and click on your–>“About” box

  • Under Work and Education click–>Edit

  •  In the “where have you worked?” box, enter –>your page name. Your page should come up but make sure it’s spelled exactly how you have it on your page.

Click on–>Done Editing

That should be it!

Your place of work should now have a hyperlink to your Facebook Page. When people go check out your profile, they should easily find your Facebook Business Page.


  • Linking personal profile really helps to increase your likes count as It refers to more trust and who is behind of page.

  • Thanks for the great tip! Just found your blog this morning, reading through posts and learning some valuable information. Sharing on Twitter & Facebook

    • gwaters

      Thank you so much Darlene! I’m glad my posts can be of help. I see that you’re from around Inverness, beautiful place! I was there on vacation a few years ago. My husband’s family are also from around Port Hood. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment!

  • Hi, Genevieve, valuable information here. It is a pity (and a waste of possibilties) when your Page is not linked to your personal Profile.

    Congrats on being a featured member this week.

    • gwaters

      I see this way too often! It’s definitely missed opportunities especially that most people will not usually make the extra effort to search for people’s Business Page if it’s not easily accessible.

      • Thanks Genevieve,

        With your step by step instructions I have been able to link mine together … I’m almost at 200 ‘LIKES” maybe this will get me to the magic number.


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