Image Alt Tags: Optimizing Images for Search Engines

Use image Alt tags to increase website traffic and optimize SEOSearch engines can’t see images! Don’t miss out on additional search traffic, make sure to optimize all your website images including your blog posts.

With the increasing popularity of infographics and image sharing sites such as Pinterest, it is extremely important to make your images SEO friendly.

Alt Tags

Alternative text for images (Image Alt text or Alt Tags) is used by search engines to determine the content of an image. Optimizing images is a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Also, keep in mind that a visually impaired reader using a screen reader will hear the alt text in place of the image.

Quick Tips

  • Always enter a description of your image using your keywords in the Alt Text section when uploading an image on your website or in a blog post in addition to the Title section.
  • Provide a relevant description of the image. Your keywords and description should be related to the content on your page.
  • Use keyword-rich words in your image file name. Example: use “MyBlackDogFido.JPG” instead of “IMG00215.JPG”. Change your image file name before you upload it to your website or blog.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing example: dog doggy dog doggies dog puppy dog.
Difference between image Title and Alt tag
Title: gives additional description of an image or a title
Alt Tag: specifies an alternate text for user that cannot display images

Here’s a video by Matt Cutts from Google with some useful tips on how to optimize the images on your website.

This important strategy can help search engines find your content and increase your website traffic. You don’t need to know everything about Search Engines Optimization (SEO) but you should make yourself familiar with the basics.  Adding the image Alt tags is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Do you find SEO confusing?

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