LinkedIn Means Business [infographic]

LinkedIn for Business Infographic

LinkedIn has seen incredible growth since it’s inception in 2003 both in memberships and revenue. According to Hubspot, LinkedIn generates the most customers for B2Bs (61% of companies) than any other social networks on the web.

LinkedIn can be a very useful tool for generating leads if you use it properly!

Are you using LinkedIn to it’s full potential?

LinkedIn for Business Infographic

LinkedIn Users

  • 79% of LinkedIn users are over 35 years old.
  • 53% are male and 47% female.
  • 4 out of 5 users are business decision makers.
  • Average Household Income $86K US/ $100K Canada/ $150K Australia.
  • 93% (US)/91% (Canada) are more likely to be college graduates than the average adult online.

LinkedIn Membership Growth

2003: LinkedIn Members 4500
2012: LinkedIn Members 175,000,000

For Real?

As of June 30, 2012, professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of approximately two new members per second.

LinkedIn Revenue for the second quarter was $228.2 million, an increase of 89% compared to $121.0 million in the second quarter of 2011.

LinkedIn Profiles vs Company Pages


have contacts, represent an individual, showcase work history, education, skills and recommendations, has messaging feature, can add applications, post updates, can join groups and can ask and answer questions.

Company Pages:

have followers, can share company news, information and updates, employee insights, career opportunities,  products and services, and has statistics and analytics information.

How to Maximize LinkedIn

  1. Complete your Profile at 100%
  2. Use Keywords in your Profile
  3. Set your profile to “visible to everyone”
  4. Ask and Answer Questions
  5. Participate in Group discussions
  6. Post Status Updates
  7. Connect with Key People
  8. Ask for quality Recommendations
  9. Add Applications to your Profile
  10. Create a Company Page


You only get 3000 invitations in a lifetime – use them wisely.

Users declining invitations with the “I don’t know” response will get your account restricted. It’s best practice to include a personal message in your invitations to connect.


Over 1.8 Billion Business leads were generated on LinkedIn in 2011!

Using LinkedIn to position yourself as a thought leader by delivering valuable content and networking with the right people will increase your visibility and credibility, increase sales and provide a steady flow of clients and referrals looking for your expertise.

Are you using LinkedIn regularly to grow your network and business?


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