Managing Your Business in the Cloud

In the Cloud Applications

Managing your business “in the cloud” has become easier than ever. Cloud computing is a common term which means providing services over the internet (where “the cloud” is a metaphor for the internet).

Almost every business activity you can think of has a cloud based application, from marketing to phone services to operations to client services. According to research firm IDC, growth in spending on cloud services by U.S. companies with 100 or fewer employees is projected to grow from $2.4 billion to $4.1 billion in 2013.

If you factor in mobile devices such as Smartphones and other mobile technologies like tablets, you can see that installed software applications have a significant diminishing market.

Some benefits of managing your business in the cloud:


Cloud-based services allow small businesses to implement technology without large up-front expenses and can help reduce software and other computing costs.


Working in the cloud makes it easier for collaboration with team members who might not be in the same location. Being able to access your information from anywhere and from any device with internet access is one of the greatest advantages.

Automatic updates

Without a direct cost or effort on your part, cloud based applications will get updated and improved on a continual basis.

No extra staff needed

You don’t need an entire IT department to manage your computer programs or provide you with training. Most cloud service providers have their own support staff that can help you when you need it.

I’m a huge fan of implementing systems and increasing business productivity using cloud based applications. I’ve already discussed many great “cloud” applications such as Dropbox, LastPass,, Evernote and WIZZsoft.

Carbonite is another interesting application that you might find really helpful to backup your entire computer.  Here’s Carley from Digitwirl showing you how Carbonite can be used (if you’re from Canada, make sure to check out their Canadian site).

Carbonite is Set-it-and-forget-it Computer Backup

If you thought the wails of anguish that emanate from a gazelle being attacked by a lion were horrific, that’s nothing compared to the wails of anguish that will escape your lips if your computer dies and takes everything with it.

A lifetime of photos and videos, countless files, a music library that spans the decades. Gone. Caput. The solution to this worst case scenario is simple– Carbonite.

Carbonite is a secure online backup system for your entire computer that, should disaster strike, can restore all your files onto your repaired, or new computer. We checked out a few services like this, but we think Carbonite is the best online backup system, because it has unlimited data storage for a flat rate of $59 per year. That’s right, no matter how many pictures of your daughter’s third birthday, complete with a pony-riding princess you may have Carbonite will store it all safely.

And, Carbonite backups are far from out of sight out of mind, you can access any of your files from your computer or Smartphone any time. So watch this Twirl to see how you can avoid distraught howls in favor of set-it-and-forget-it peace of mind.

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