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This is a guest post by Dawn Collea Stark from Aimee Mobile Marketing, a mobile communication company and leading experts in the field of mobile and online marketing.

Today over 90% of America has a cell phone and 60% of them have phones that allow them to use the internet. Phones are the one thing we never leave home without! It is becoming the main way we communicate and furthermore, text message is the number one most used data service in the world.

Most successful businesses have implemented an email database to send out monthly newsletters. The same premise holds true here, only the vehicle has changed from email to text message.  I am not saying get rid of your email marketing program, but I am strongly suggesting you add mobile to it.  In fact, adding mobile marketing can double your email database?

Mobile Marketing is not only fun but it is rewarding. I love the satisfaction I receive from customers that call and tell me it really works and how excited they are. However, I talk to a lot of business owners that find the topic of Mobile Marketing intimidating and a bit overwhelming.  The simple truth is that Mobile Marketing is one of the easiest ways to market to your target audience.

To help clear up some misconceptions and give business owners a simple understanding of Mobile Marketing and how it can grow your business, I will answer some FAQ here.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Think of Mobile Marketing as an exchange!  You are giving something away to receive something in return. You give an offer to be redeemed via text message and when the customer texts in, we collect their number in a database.  Then we will “touch” them in the future, once a week or once every two weeks or once a month with a text message right to their phone.

The same rules of soft selling that apply to Facebook or social media marketing apply here.  It is not hard core sell message!  Many messages will be informative with no selling and some will drive traffic to your social media sites.  The average length of time it takes for someone to read a text message is 1 to 2 minutes.  The average message stays on a phone for 12 days. This is the highest open rate compared to email and snail mail. Did you know there are 2.5 times as many users of “texting” than email worldwide?

Why Use Mobile Marketing For My Business?

Do you want to increase your sales?  Do you want more customers?  How about drive traffic to your social media sites? Would you like to be “top of mind” with your target market? If your answer was yes, that is why we use Mobile Marketing.

Is Mobile Marketing Expensive

No.  Mobile Marketing can be set up for less than a dollar a day. Within the first 30-60 days business owners can not only re-coup what they paid into the package, they can also begin to see double and triple the ROI.

Do I Have To Commit To A Contract

No.  Although some Mobile Marketing companies may require a contract, most companies will allow month to month payment method.

How Does It Work?

First create a keyword.  This is the word used to text (opt in) to your offer.  In the example below “social” is the keyword.  Keep in mind that keywords are like domain names, once they are taken, they are not available.  That is where creativity shines.  Then you will receive a short code.  The short code is the number you text your keyword to. In the example below the short code is 72727.

EXAMPLE:  To receive a free social media audit, text the word “social” to 72727

There is an opt out option on every message for anyone who may not want to continue receiving messages in the future.  Unless you are abusing your message blast frequency or are hard selling with all your messages, you will find only a 1%-2% opt out rate.

Below are some quick stats on percentage of people who text according to age demographics.

Here is a short list of some examples of the services you can receive from a mobile marketing company.

  • Text 2 Win- This is hands down the best way to go if you are having a contest or giveaway.  Never again give anything away without getting a phone number in return.  Offer a text 2 win campaign and watch your data base grow rapidly!
  • Text 2 Vote- This is so much fun and a great way to let your customers pick a winner
  • Text 2 Survey- Same premise as Facebook surveys but better because of the exchange of the mobile number into your database
  • Text 2 Screen- Share results of a poll or input from a large group and see it on the big screen.
  • Appointment Reminders- Great idea for any industry that has set appointments for their customers.  Health care is a big one for this option and so is the auto industry with service reminders.
  • Mobile Websites- You website was never meant to be viewed on a small cell phone or handheld device. You would not want to run a mobile campaign without a mobile website or mobile landing page.

This is just the beginning of what can be done with mobile marketing.  For those of you who want to dip your foot into the water ever so slightly I usually recommend trying a virtual business card.  Your name would be the keyword and when someone texted your name to 72727, they would receive a mobile version of your business card.  You will keep that number in your data base.  No other business card, flyer, or presentation method can give you that exchange.  Your VBC can be saved right to the phone of the person who texted in and you never have to worry again that they lost your card, or you ran out of cards.  The larger your database grows, the more people you have to gain as clients.

I hope you found some answers to your own questions here. Whatever your industry is, there is a simple solution for your needs and HUGE results can be generated.

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  • Wow, so much great information here! I do have a question, how about those “text to donate” campaigns? I have some non profit work that I would love to organize a mobile campaign with just not sure about the logistics of a campaign like that.

  • Easy to understand and straightforward. Congrats Dawn. You made a tough topic simple to adopt. Great work done!

    • gwaters

      Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment Fabrizio.

  • Makes me all the more intrigues to talk with you about sharing some services. It sounds like it can be simple when you work with a professional willing to take the time to make it so. Great job and great post!

    • gwaters

      It’s always best to work with a professional and someone who really cares about their business and clients. Dawn is obviously extremely passionate about her business and is a great collaborator! Thanks for your comment Mallie.

  • Great article, liked the graphic chart, quickly identifying texters client percentages. Example listing also helped. Thanks

  • This really made it easy to understand, Dawn. I got a message from Yogen Fruz and now I understand how they did it!

    • gwaters

      Thanks for your comment Sherrie.

  • Dawn,

    Thank you for sharing some current and clear information about Mobile Marketing.

    I’ve found my area to be a bit disconnected, and it has been hard to convince business owners to get involved. Too, it seems the bleed of technologies from the coasts hasn’t quite met up with optimal possibility yet.

    That said, I have a question:

    Your words: “Your name would be the keyword and when someone texted your name to 72727, they would receive a mobile version of your business card. You will keep that number in your data base.”

    When you say ‘you keep that number in your data base,’ Are you saying this phone number is automatically stored in my phone? Is my phone number automatically stored in theirs? What will be the contents of the database & where is it utilized?

    Okay that was more than one question…

    Thank you in advance,


  • Marketing can be a bit overwhelming if right techniques/steps are followed. It is easy and costs less. Mobile marketing can be highly effective for increasing sales. Thank for the the information.

    • Thanks Masood for the comment, could not agree more!

    • gwaters

      You’re so right! Thanks for your positive comment!

  • Thank you to VA Simple Services for allowing us space on her blog. It is awesome to collaborate with strong professionals in the industry like them!

    • gwaters

      Fantastic article Dawn! You’ve made something that looked complicated easy to understand. I’m sure many will feel more confident about trying out mobile marketing now thanks to your article. Thank you so much for your contribution to this blog and community!

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