Money, Time and Success: It’s All about Systems!

Steps to successI often discuss the importance of implementing systems and procedure for your business. Simply explained, a system is a step by step process that you follow to do a particular task so that you achieve a specific result.

Most people tend to get things done without putting too much thought into developing efficient actions to get to the end result. The consequence is all too often this overwhelming feeling, never enough time to get things done, and not being in control of your business and life.

Why do you want to bother with implementing systems?

  • Keeps you organized
  • Keeps you in control
  • Much easier to delegate by providing the specific steps
  • Allows you to grow your business a lot faster by letting you focus better
  • Easier to evaluate what works and what doesn’t
  • Saves you time and money!

How to get started at creating systems for your business:

  1. Start with documenting in detail whatever you’re doing on a daily basis over a period of a week or two.
  2. Ask yourself if you could eliminate some of your daily tasks by examining carefully at how you run your business. Look objectively at what works and what doesn’t. Pay special attention to what drains your time.
  3. Keep it simple and start small so that you don’t get overwhelmed.
  4. Add steps to the process if they add value to the outcome.
  5. Use the proper tools to keep you organized and working efficiently. As an example, instead of using Microsoft Outlook to manage your contacts, get a Contact Management System and learn how to incorporate it to your day.
  6. Write down every step and make sure that you have a clear objective for every task. Many people open Twitter accounts for their business because others are doing it too but not all know exactly why they’re doing it.
  7. Get an accountability partner to keep you motivated and to stay on track with your plans.

Systems should grow and change along with your business. Revise and re-evaluate your processes periodically to make sure that you are working efficiently. What works today might not work tomorrow.

Although this might sound like a time consuming process and counterintuitive since you’re looking at saving time and increasing your productivity, once your systems are in place you should be able to break away from that vicious cycle of always working and never progressing.

What activity drains your time?


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