New LinkedIn Endorsements: Where’s the Value?

Fake LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn just announced a new feature called Endorsements.

This feature will allow users to easily show support for their connections, with one simple click you can validate your connections Skills & Expertise.

Endorsements was launched this week in English across the United States, India, New Zealand, and Australia but should also be released on a wider scale shortly.

Unlike LinkedIn Recommendations which requires multiple clicks, filling out a form, writing an actual recommendation and time involvement, LinkedIn Endorsements doesn’t require much effort on the part of the Endorser.

The Problem with LinkedIn Endorsements

Value issue

Although the idea of LinkedIn Endorsements can be interesting, it doesn’t hold the same weight as LinkedIn Recommendations.

When someone takes the time to write up a recommendation, they need to put effort into it and it requires a certain time commitment. A recommendation not only can describe skills and expertise but also highlights the work that you have done in the past giving much more credibility to someone’s competences and work ethics.

Legitimacy issue

Much like giving out +K on Klout, giving out Endorsements can become abusive. I can see how this has the potential of becoming a game where people exchange Endorsements for the sake of appearance and numbers. The illusion of being important by getting a countless number of Endorsements will definitely be diminishing the importance of this new feature.

Unfortunately, it seems like unethical behaviour and gaming the system has become the norm on every social network these days. Much like buying fake followers on Twitter or buying Likes on Facebook, LinkedIn Endorsements in my opinion is probably going to be another victim of this sad trend which makes it much harder for the everyday users to differentiate between the real deal and the fakes.

Do you think there is any value in the new LinkedIn Endorsements? 

Image by Luca Rossato via Compfight

  • From my experience, I can say that endorsements have not so much value now. This is like playing a game, nothing important. But, still- some people are abusing the system.

  • I do not think the endorsements have much value. It is like playing that game Whack a Mole. Every time you give one more pop up. It will become a numbers game with family and friends pitching in to help. Where is the real business value?

  • I hate the idea of the new one-click recommendations… I do think it’s going to be gamed, like Klout. It would be better if they added the ability to say how you know the person is worthy, like if you’ve worked at the same job or you’ve hired them in the past…

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