Permalink Structure: Simple Trick to Increase Blog Traffic

Changing Blog Permalinks

If you have a business blog, you surely will want to do anything possible to increase your traffic.

One thing you should do is change your blog’s Permalink structure so it contains some informative text rather than just a post number or a date. This is an easy trick that you can use to make sure that your blog gets the most clicks and search traffic possible.

So instead of this →  you would have this →

What is a Permalink

A Permalink is a URL that points to a specific blog entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives ( In simpler words, it’s the web address for your blog posts!

Why Should You Change Your Posts Permalinks

  • Assuming that you’re already using keywords for SEO purpose in your blog articles, keywords in the URL string will also help to add relevancy to the page for search engine rankings.
  • When users land on your site in search, it will definitely make your posts more appealing and enticing, consequently people will be more likely to click on your links.
  • When the URL is shared on Facebook or other social networks, people will be more likely to read your post if they know what it’s about before they click on it.
  • It’s simply much prettier!

New Blog-No Problem!

If you’re building a new site or blog, make sure you’re setting it up the right way from the start so that it doesn’t cause problems later.

If you’re using WordPress, go to your Settings, click on Permalinks and select Custom Structure. You should enter either /%postname% Or /%category%/%postname%.

How to setup WordPress Permalinks


Existing Blog-Be Careful!

This is a little more complicated since changing your current Permalinks may require you to manually add a redirect from your old Permalinks to your new ones. According to a blog post from Yoast, when changing from the default “post id” Permalink to the “postname” Permalink, WordPress should take care of any redirect but I can’t vouch for that (I’m not a website or SEO expert) so do your homework first. If you’re not comfortable doing this or you’re uncertain, please check with an expert.

Keep in mind that if you already have an active blog with social sharing buttons and several plugins you’ll have to consider the impact of changing or redirecting the Permalinks.  When changing the URL structure of your site, you will usually lose your social share counts. Also, too many redirects may affect your site performance.

When working on SEO, you should always consider the entire user experience and not solely trying to rank with search engines. Having the proper Permalink structure setup will help visitors decide whether to click on that important link or not.

What Permalink structure do you use on your blog?

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