Pinterest: My New Love

Since I’ve discovered Pinterest, I have become an avid “pinner”. It didn’t take long for me to get hooked and like many others, I’m probably spending too much on the site! Pinterest has seen impressive growth in audience size and time spent per user with an increase of 512% (time spent per user worldwide) between May 2011 and October 2011.

If you’re curious about Pinterest, you’re not alone! Founded in 2008, Pinterest has been gaining real momentum lately. It’s now in the top ten most visited social networks on the web. Since the majority of the population are visual learners, it’s no surprise that it’s so popular. Pinterest is simple eye candy!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard (or you can also look at it as a social bookmarking site) that focuses on images. It allows you to share images and videos you find anywhere on the web and link it back to the original content -so it’s great for generating links and SEO.

You can look around other people’s pinboards to discover things from people who might share common interests. You can organize your images by subject or however works for you by putting them in different boards. People can choose to follow all of your boards or any individual boards. As well, you’re able to like, repin and comment on other people’s content.

Note: Just like Twitter, Pinterest is an open network so anyone can follow you and you can follow anyone.

Definitions from


A pin is an image added to Pinterest.  A pin can be added from a website using the Pin It button, or you can upload images from your computer. Each pin added using the Pin It button links back to the site it came from.


A repin is adding an image you find while browsing Pinterest to your own board. When you repin an image, the user who first pinned the image will also get credit. Repins maintain the source-link of the image no matter how many times it’s repinned.


A board is a set of pins. A board can be created on any topic, such as Cool Posters, Recipes For Dinner, or Wish list. You can add as many pins to a board as you want.


The site has a clearly defined demographic, with 59 percent of the site’s visitors in a recent 12-week period being women between the ages of 25 and 44 (

Who should use Pinterest

It’s terrific for:

  • Product heavy businesses
  • Food products/cooking related businesses (restaurants, etc.)
  • Anything artistic-photography, fashion, art, jewelry, wedding industry, etc.
  • Lifestyle businesses
  • Animal related businesses
  • Baby or kids related businesses
  • Real estate, architecture, home decor related, home improvement, etc.
  • Travel industry
  • Tech gadgets, graphic artists, etc.

Now, if you don’t fit in these categories, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t build a presence on Pinterest. If you’re able to communicate visually about your brand, products or services than this can be a fantastic place for you.

Ways you can use Pinterest

  • Take your followers behind the scene (what goes on at the office, company culture, office space, etc.)
  • Sneak peek to new products
  • Show them how it’s done
  • Feature your customers
  • Invite pinners to collaborate on future projects or ideas
  • Infographics
  • Hold contests
  • Feature events
  • Sell your products (to add a price to a pin, type the $ or £ symbol followed by the number amount in the description. When you are finished, click Pin It).

With a little creativity, there are many ways to reap the benefits of this new social network. Pinterest is still an invitation only site so if you’re interested in joining Pinterest, get in touch with me and I’ll send you an invitation. You can also connect with me on Pinterest here.

Here’s a really useful guide you might want to read: Complete Pinterest Guide | SEO and Traffic Generation With Pinterest

Happy pinning!

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