Privacy and Brand Reputation: How to Protect Your Business

Protect your business with policiesPrivacy and Brand Reputation

Privacy is a constant concern on the web not only for individuals but for businesses as well. Most people already have several accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. Business owners have to be concerned about the use of these platforms by their employees in order to protect confidential business information and brand reputation.

Posting anything negative about competitors, private and confidential information, or posting information that could violate intellectual property laws should be made unacceptable.

Social Media Policy

Social media policies should be a set of guidelines that employees can follow when using social media platforms. You should set clear expectations with your employees so that there aren’t any misunderstandings.

The purpose of your social media policy is to help employees understand what is and what is not acceptable and should outline the principles of communicating in the online world. It’s also essential to let your employees know who is permitted to speak on behalf of the company across social media sites. Sharing your social media marketing vision with your employees will also help them see what direction your company is taking.

Some policies propose that as long as employees are not talking about company related topics, everything else is fair game. However, it’s probably a good initiative to remind everyone about the meaning of professionalism and respect for others.

Unless they’re the official company representatives, it’s a good idea for employees to state their company connection in their social profile but specify that their opinions are their own. A good social media policy should not limit your employees’ own self-expression, but makes it clear for them where to draw the line.

Keep in mind that by providing your employees with some training on how to use social media properly and effectively, not only will it help you protect your privacy and reputation but it could help strengthen your brand as well.

Not sure where to start when creating a social media policy, check out this Social Media Policy Tool Generator, it might help you get started.


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