Quora Review: The New Kid in Town…What’s the Deal?

Quora LogoThere’s a new kid in town called Quora that is generating a lot of buzz these days. Quora is mainly a question and answer website similar to the LinkedIn Answer feature.  According to Mitch Joel, you’ll find smart people with smart answers on Quora.  Although it’s being compared to Twitter, I fail to see the similarities. Twitter is meant to be a social forum where you can share knowledge and expertise and also engage in various conversations with people with all kinds of different backgrounds. But I was very curious about all the buzz around Quora so I decided to check it out for myself.

First I should say it’s free, easy to sign up and you can automatically follow your friends from Facebook who are using Quora. You can also follow questions in different categories that might be of interest to you. Your user name needs to be your real name, no company names or bogus names are tolerated. It seems that its main users are on the more techie side. In principle, this is not classified as a “social” networking site as there isn’t much social interaction other than the questions and answers aspect.

Although I have to admit that I didn’t spend much time on the site, one of the first posts I landed on was telling members how to “behave” on Quora and gave me a bad impression about the kind of people who hang out on this platform. It left me to thinking that this community needs to relax a little!

Quora can be a great place to find technical answers to your questions and will surely be filled with great source of knowledge. With all this being said, LinkedIn is also filled with extremely knowledgeable professionals who also love to share their knowledge and expertise. On a business marketing perspective, I don’t think that Quora is the best place to be for most small businesses especially if you’re short on time and resources. LinkedIn provides much more than a knowledge base platform and in my opinion is to a large extent more beneficial for small businesses looking to market their business to a targeted audience.

I wanted to write this review not only to look at Quora but also to emphasize that if you’re going to use online marketing strategies for your business, it’s important to find the right place for you to invest your time and you should understand why you’re there in the first place. If you don’t know why you’re Tweeting, why you have a Business Page on Facebook and what you’re trying to achieve, then perhaps it’s time to review your online marketing approach.

Genevieve Lachance is a web marketing consultant who has a passion for social media and technology based in Montreal, Canada. Read More About Me »