Seven Keys to a Great Relationship With Your Virtual Assistant

Key to Success with your Virtual AssistantSo, you’ve decided that it’s time to delegate some of your work load so that you can concentrate on what you do best and you found the perfect person to help you out…a Virtual Assistant (VA)! Your success with this new business relationship will depend on many factors but here are a few tips to make sure that you get off to a good start.

1. Have clear expectations. Work out with your Virtual Assistant a clear plan of what you would like to accomplish together. If you are not sure and find it difficult to delegate, you can always start small and add on at a later time.

2. Decide the financial terms before starting anything. Make sure to have a signed contract which includes all terms such as rate, fees and schedule/hours. It’s not unusual to be billed for supplies, phone calls, meetings or emails. Having it down on paper will avoid surprises and protect both you and your Virtual Assistant.

3. Keep the communication doors open. In order to develop a productive partnership with your Virtual Assistant, communication will be the key element for success. Your VA will be more than happy to answer, share and brainstorm with you. A good Virtual Assistant will bring experience and effective ideas that will be very helpful in growing your business.

4. Your Virtual Assistant can’t read your mind. Every business and entrepreneurs have their own way of operating so it will be important to share what works for you and what is important. Your Virtual Assistant will be very flexible in accommodating your needs.

5. Schedule regular meetings. In order for everybody to keep on track, regular meetings (phone, Skype, etc.) will not only build a stronger partnership but will also help to plan upcoming projects.

6. Trust each other. In any relationship, trust is extremely important. As your partnership evolves and you learn to delegate more to your Virtual Assistant, you will come to see that your Virtual Assistant wants your business to thrive and has your best interest at heart. Your success is a Virtual Assistant’s success!

7. Be positive. Everybody likes to know when they do something right. Your Virtual Assistant will be happy to receive constructive comments and will even be happier when they hear that you are making progress together.

Virtual Assistants are your partner in business. When you make the decision to work with a Virtual Assistant, you take a step forward in regaining control of your life and will finally be able to concentrate on the important money making and productive tasks needed to grow your business. Unlike the stock market, partnering with a Virtual Assistant will give you a positive rate of return!

Do you have a success story working with a Virtual Assistant?

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