Skype: Much More than Business Video Calling

Skype InfographicMost people know about the Skype to Skype video calling feature which allows you to call another subscriber anywhere in the world for Free. But Skype also offers a whole set of business features , which are also very interesting and useful especially for people doing remote work.

Here are some additional features that you might like to explore for your business:

  • Conference calls. *Free
  • Send documents, photos or presentations of any size. *Free
  • Record audio from Skype-using Pamela Basic app which will allow you to record your audio calls for up to 15 minutes for Free or use the Pamela Premium version for audio and video recording without limitations. This is great if you want to do interviews, podcasts, etc.
  • Redirect your Skype number to a physical phone of your choice. $$
  • Clients can reach you via your Skype Online Number and answer incoming phone or mobile calls on Skype. $$
  • Skype Manager is the simple way to manage Skype in your business. Use this tool to create accounts, allocate credit and assign features to other team members or employees. *Free
  • Share your screen. *Free (one to one calls only)
  • Group Video calling between three or more people (up to a maximum of 10). Only one person on the call needs Skype Premium or a group video subscription from Skype Manager. $$
  • Use Skype for video calling on your mobile device (Android phones, iPhones, iPads, etc.). *Free app
  • Add the Skype button to your website to let other people contact you easily and to show your online availability.

Video calling is becoming increasingly popular with 42% of all Skype minutes used for video calling. Skype is great for companies with a geographically diverse work force or to conduct business virtually.

Here’s Carley Knobloch from Digitwirl reviewing Skype and some of its features.

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Infographic source: Skype Blog

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