Social Media Strategy: Timing is Everything

Timing social mediaAs part of your social media strategy, researching the best time to post to your blog, Facebook and Twitter is important in order to get the highest level of engagement from your audience.

You Blog:

According to some research done by Dan Zarrella, people tend to read blogs mostly early in the morning. His research also shows that if you want to get your articles retweeted, the peak time to post it on twitter would be around 4pm (EST).

best time to read blog Dan Zarrella


A recent report by Buddy Media indicate that Brands that published their content outside normal business hours (early morning, after work, late night) had a 20% higher level of engagement. The majority (60%) of posts were published between 10 AM and 4 PM (EST).

If you want the highest level of engagement, try posting early morning or late at night. Check your Facebook Insights to measure and test the level of engagement on your Facebook Business Page.

Buddy Media timing Facebook  posts


To help you find the best time to post your Tweets, try using Tweriod. It’s a free twitter tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet. Tweriod will analyse your last 5000 followers’ streams, work out when they are online the most and let you know the best time to post your tweets! It will generate a report according to the timezone you have on your profile.

Tweriod when to post tweets

Although this is really helpful research, testing the timing of your posts several times throughout the day will provide you with the most accurate data. Every platform is different and there is no magic numbers that will fit every business. Don’t forget to test the different days of the week including weekends, this also has a major influence on when you should publish your post.

Do you know when your audience is most active on your social media platforms?


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