Stay in Touch Systems: Create Trust and Increase Business

Just 4% of people will be willing to do business with you the very first time they hear about you and the other 96% will do business with you only when trust has been established (

Generating new leads is often what most small businesses will focus on. But what you do with those leads after is even more important. Keeping in touch will help establish trust with your prospects.

Now, let’s assume that you have some kind of list with names, emails and some background information about them. If your list is missing information, this is a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with these prospects to ask for more information and initiate conversation. The best strategy to keep track of all your contacts and information is of course to have a good CRM system.

Going over your contact list will also allow you to further assess where they are in the buying process and identify which action to take next with each individual contacts. The more you know about your contacts, the better!

A good way to look at the marketing and buying process is to use the Marketing Hourglass which was developed by John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing. According to this system, “the hourglass puts emphasis on creating a total customer experience as opposed to simply going out and generating leads”.


A lot of people will try to go directly from Know to Buy. But as the numbers above show, without trust the success rate is really low. The staying in touch phase should be used throughout the marketing process but your approach might be different at each stage.

Here are a few stay in touch ideas:

  • Create helpful content on your blog.
  • Share your content on different social media platforms.
  • Hang out where your prospects are, create a presence on social media sites and engage with them by initiating conversations.
  • Send E-Newsletters on a regular basis.
  • Send cards using Paperless Posts or Send Out Cards if you have your contacts mailing addresses.
  • Send specific interest base articles or items.  As an example, if your contact is a golfer you can send them an article on the best places for golfing with a personal note saying that you thought of them when you saw this article.
  • Share new products and company news.
  • Put together educational webinars.
  • Send free offers.
  • Send your contacts surveys or questionnaires
  • Share industry news.
  • Call your contacts once per year to touch base.

Consistency will over time create trust; make sure to create regular contact throughout each stage of the marketing process. Keeping in touch should be more than a holiday card once per year. With a value-added marketing plan, you can increase communication, establish trust and be top of mind with both your prospects and clients which should also lead to additional referrals.

How do you establish trust with your prospects?


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