Tag Lines: Just Do it!

Nike Just do it

Nike Just do it

Did you know that my tag line is “Life Made Simple” because my mission is to strategically simplify the life of passionate entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and busy running their business and lives. In 3 simple words, my tag line represents what I stand for and resonates directly with my market.

Tag lines are probably not necessary for all businesses but it’s a great way to create a branding message which people can identify you with. Think about theses big companies and tell me if you know who they are simply by their tag lines;

Just do it

Don’t leave home without it

The quicker picker-upper

What’s in your wallet?

Because I’m worth it

A tag line is like your business’ signature and reinforces your branding message. It’s a way of setting your customers expectations about your services or products.

Your tag line should be:

  • Easy to remember & simple
  • Represent your primary message
  • Tell people something about your business and what they can experience when they buy your products or services
  • About your customers
  • Meaningful and honest

A tag line is not a necessity to make your business successful but it can help your prospects and customers not only understand what you’re all about at a glance but also make it easier for them to talk about you and remember your business.

Do you have a tag line? In your opinion, are tag lines important for businesses?


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