Technology Tools and Ideas To Help You Organize Your Busy Life

Technology toolsIf you’re like me, you probably have a pile of papers accumulating somewhere on your desk. All the different bills, lists, notes, correspondence and work documents that you have to attend to at some point can get pretty overwhelming. With the help of today’s technology, we can now eliminate a lot of these papers and clutter from our lives.

IPad or tablets:


You can easily do all your reading on your tablet or iPad using various applications saving many trees in the process.

I like to buy my books through Kobo because I can transfer my books to any device using the Kobo application such as a smartphone, computer desktop, or tablet. Furthermore, your eBooks and your bookmarks will follow you on your different devices so that you’ll never lose your page. The Kobo application is free.


Online payments/Automatic payments

Check with your bank to see how you can do all your bill payments online. If you have reoccurring payments, you can set them up ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about missing payment deadlines. You can also chose to receive your bills online instead of receiving paper copies by mail.

Many institutions encourage their clients to do online banking by charging extra fees for paper statements or charging extra to pay bills at the counter.


Are you still carrying around a paper agenda to schedule your meetings? Try using these tools instead:

Google Calendar

Tungle Me Although this is not a calendar, it works as a scheduling application that syncs with your existing calendar such as Outlook and Google Calendar to help you manage your appointments and meetings. Tungle.Me lets you send meeting invitations and share calendars with different individuals or groups. Tungle.Me also has apps for iPhone and BlackBerry so that you can manage your meetings and schedules on the go.


Scheduling meetings and bringing a group together has never been easier. No more need to travel and book board rooms. You can do it all virtually and even share meeting documents using online tools.

Skype is one of the most well known tool for free online video calling. You can also share documents and setup group video calling for larger meetings (for a fee).

AnyMeeting is a free online meeting service which lets you use video, screen sharing, conference call line or computer microphone and you can even meet with up to 200 participants.


To eliminate the loads of papers we accumulate on a daily basis, you can use different online storage applications.

Dropbox is great to share documents and store or backup your important files. You can even synch your files across all your different devices for easy access. Check out my review of Dropbox.

Shoeboxed: is really cool! You can send all your receipts or documents by mail or send pictures of them using any mobile phone or iPhone app. When Shoeboxed receives a document from you, they will scan it and then categorize and organize the document online in your secure account. The Lite version is $99/year but there’s also a free version that you might want to check out.

Note taking and remembering:

Evernote is very useful to help you manage your documents and save notes in organized folders which you can synch on all your devices. Simply take a picture, upload a document or clip a section of a webpage, tag it and send it to Evernote so that it is easily accessible and simple to find. See my previous post on Evernote.

Lino it is free online stickies that allows you to take notes, write reminders and pictures and organize them visually on a canvas.  Post a sticky and set a due date and you will receive an Email reminder when it is due. It also has an app for iPads and iPhones.

Also worth checking Tinkery and Springpad.

How do you stay organized?


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