Twitter Chats Explained in 6 Points

Twitter ChatsI personally love Twitter! It’s a great place to connect with people from all over the world and to gain and share knowledge.  I think that Twitter is often misunderstood and people are missing great opportunities to gain visibility for their brand by not using it effectively.  Participating in a Twitter chat is a fantastic way to take advantage of this rapidly growing platform.  Here’s how Twitter chats work in six easy points:

1.  What are Twitter Chats?

A Twitter chat is when people with similar interests gather to discuss a certain topic on a specific day and time. The Chats are usually moderated and topics are often picked ahead of time.

2. Hashtags

A hashtags is the number symbol  # placed before a key word that helps people follow certain topics or conversations. During a Twitter chat, all Tweets must include the same hashtag so that you can be included and visible to others during the conversation. As an example, you can follow #smallbizchat  on Wednesdays from 8-9pm EST where they chat  about helpful tips and advice geared toward small business startups.

3. Tools to use for Twitter chats

The best way to follow a Twitter chat is to use tools such as Tweetchat, Tweetgrid or Tweetdeck.  You can also use Hootsuite by adding a column with the hashtag you’re following. The reason why you want to use one of these tools versus is that you need to follow the conversation in real time and it will be much easier to follow these chats since they usually move very fast.

4. How to find Tweet chats

Take a look at this list on Goggle Docs which include the schedules and hashtags to follow for various chats.

5. What are some of the advantages to follow Tweet Chats?

  • Meet new people
  • Gain knowledge about certain topics
  • Demonstrate and share your knowledge
  • Build influence
  • Learn about your customers
  • Follow quality members and get people to follow you back

6. Some strategies for Tweet Chats

  • Listen
  • Participate
  • Provide value
  • Go where your market is

Do you strategically use Twitter for your business or are you just using it for fun?

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