Wasting Time Surfing the Web? RSS Explained

RSS Feed DiagramDo you surf the web to find interesting content but find that it takes too much time out of your day?

The easy solution is to subscribe to blogs by RSS feeds.

RSS which stand for Rich Site Summary (or often known as Really Simple Syndication) is a fantastic way to save you time by not needing to visit each site you’re interested in individually. It will pull blog articles and put it automatically to your Feed Reader so that you don’t have to surf the web for new content.

How It Works

First you’ll need to get a Feed Reader which can be web-based, desktop-based, or mobile-device-based. One of the most popular and simple web-based Feed Reader is Google Reader. Once you’re signed up for your Feed Reader account, you can start adding blogs to it.

To add a blog to your Reader, you can either type in the blog web address directly in your Google Feed Reader under the Subscribe tab or in the case of many blogs, look for the RSS Feed button directly on the blog. Anytime a blog creates new content, it will be automatically added to your RSS Reader. You’ll then have a central place to read all your favorite blog articles. It’s easy to quickly brows headlines and pick what you want to read…saving you precious time!

Quick Tip: If you’re a Buffer user, you can add posts to your Buffer account directly within your Google Reader.

Once you understand what an RSS feed is and how to use a RSS Reader, you’ll be able to sit back and have the web’s updated content come right to you. Take a look at Carley’s video below where she explains RSS feeds.

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