Web and Technology Overload: How to Keep up with it all

How can you keep up with all the new tools and changes that takes place on the web without suffering from technology overload? It seems like anytime that you’ve mastered one tool or one web platform, everything changes again! The answer is simple…DON’T TRY!

Here are some tips to help you keep your sanity!

  1. Stick to what you do best. It’s ok not to be an expert at everything!
  2. Be where your prospects, clients and audience are. Don’t waste your time learning how to use Twitter or any other platform if your audience is not there!
  3. Don’t hesitate to hire an expert. Don’t forget time is money!
  4. Set a specific amount of time for learning and catching up with the latest news (example: 30 minutes per day) or else if you don’t set limits, you will be spending all your time on the web.
  5. Don’t get caught up with the new shiny object syndrome! It’s not because everybody talks about this really cool new tool that you need to jump in as well. Assess your needs and figure out if you would be better off if you were using this new tool.
  6. Determine your needs first, make a plan and stay with it! It’s very easy to get distracted with all the new tools and technology but if you stay focused, you’ll get better results.
  7. Technology should improve your business. If you can’t see any benefits after giving it fair shot, move on!
  8. Know where to look. There are many web tools and websites that will make your life easier. Follow a few key websites or blogs with the use of a RSS reader such as Google Reader so that you can easily read about the latest web news and new technology tools. Mashable and Alltop are a good place to start.
  9. Face the reality of the web. The internet is moving extremely fast and it will evolve, improve and change, like it or not!

Are you suffering from technology overload?

Genevieve Lachance is a web marketing consultant who has a passion for social media and technology based in Montreal, Canada. Read More About Me »