Working from Home: Check Out These 4 Must-Haves!

If you have a home office, you know how difficult it is to stay focused and disciplined to get your work done. Having a well organised space can definitely encourage you to be more productive.

Besides the obvious office equipment such as a computer and a phone, here are four items you need to check out for your home office:

1. Something to write on









IdeaPaint is the perfect creative solution for any type of business. It will replace your typical dry-erase board and will let you create a place to visualise your ideas and keep important notes using any brand of dry-erase markers.  You can turn any paintable smooth surface into a useful and interactive workspace and use a clean dry-erase eraser or a dry-cloth for daily cleaning. It can be applied to anything you can paint such as desks, doors, walls, hallways, etc. If you ever want to change your walls, just paint right over it!

2. Good Coffee

saeco odea coffee maker







A good coffee machine is definitely a must have item for any home office. With just a push of a button, the Odea Go has the quantity of espresso or coffee adjusted to your taste. You can create creamy milk froth in just a matter of seconds and it also has a built-in bean grinder, which dispenses the optimum amount of grounds. This machine requires a lot of upkeep and is pretty pricey but the coffee is simply the best!

3. Something to keep you comfortable

Logitech Lapdesk








If you’re like me and use a laptop for work, it’s really important to be able to move around and work from anywhere in the house. The Logitech lapdesk will raise your notebook to make your neck and legs more comfortable when you’re seated. The heat-shielding design will keep your laptop heat away from your body so that you don’t get that lap burn and will keep you comfortable.

4. A Wireless Color Printer. Here’s one Carley Knobloch from Digitwirl recommends:

If you thought Cybil had multiple personalities wait until you get a load of our latest must-have gadget–theHP Photosmart Premium e-Printer one of the most interesting home printers we’ve seen yet. On the one hand it thinks it’s a high-quality wireless color printer that knows the difference between documents and photographs, one the other it believes it’s a computer whose touch screen interface (with apps!) allows you to order movie tickets, download recipes and print news articles without a computer in sight. It has delusions of being able to print anything emailed from anywhere and, if that weren’t enough, it claims to scan and copy too.

It’s madness. Madness we tell you. Well, watch this week’s session, uh we mean Twirl, to see if Carley can get to the root of the many personalities of this personal wireless home printer.

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