Your Life Without the Internet Would Suck! [infographic]

Life without the internet

Surprisingly, I still occasionally come across people who continue to think the internet is a big waste of time. Although it can be a real time suck, I simply can’t imagine what our lives would be without the internet!

Remember when you had to go to the library to do research or actually had to pick up the phone to get news from family and friends? Do you recall the old days when you used the phone book to find businesses you knew nothing about? Google, Wikipedia, Yelp and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have totally changed the way we live our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with using an actual book to get information or having real life conversations with people. I’m simply saying that the internet has brought us amazing opportunities that didn’t exist before.

The internet allows us to connect with virtually anyone around the world and has given us access to infinite amount of information.

For businesses, the internet has provided many different tools to increase productivity and improve efficiency.  It has created new communication forms and allows them to reach customers they would never have access to before.

With over 2.4 billion people (2012) across the globe on the web, there are mind-boggling opportunities for businesses. Creating effective online presence through websites, blogs, social media and various other methods is crucial in order to stay competitive in today’s world. Having your business on the web is not an option, it’s a necessity!

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What would your life be like without the internet?



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