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WordPress Record Keeping

Keeping a record of important information for your WordPress site up to date and accessible will help you easily find what you need whenever you need it most which is usually in the middle of a crisis like when your site gets hacked or when you accidentally delete something you shouldn’t have.

This important information is also necessary when you move your site from one hosting company to another. As well, you might need some of this data if you’re outsourcing your web design and management.

With this purpose in mind, I’ve created a record keeping form for WordPress website owners. The original intent of this form was for my own personal use and to offer to my clients who run WordPress sites. I’ve seen similar forms around but felt that I needed to only include the information that was most pertinent to me and my clients.

Print This Form

Please feel free to save the form and print it for your own records. To save it, simply click on the image below to open the PDF document then right mouse click to save.

WordPress Owner Record Keeping Form

Click, Save, Fill out and Print for your Records

About WordPress

Although WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging system, it has evolved to be much more! The increasing popularity of WordPress as a Content Management System is not surprising. WordPress can be used for practically anything and is completely customizable making it much easier for people to manage their own website.

Some Stats from Yoast

  • There are over 72.4 million WordPress sites around the world
  • Over 22,456 Plugins are currently available
  • It is estimated that by the end of 2011, that around 20-25% of all websites published were built using the website platform
  • 48% of the top 100 blogs as ranked by Technorati currently use WordPress as their CMS which 39% of those are self-hosted
  • ODesk reports that WordPress is the 5th most requested skill

Do you run a WordPress website?

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